The ‘Down’ train en route to Valentia Island having passed Mountain Stage just outside Glenbeigh Gleensk Viaduct Glenbeigh Station The Killorglin to Valentia Railway Prior to the arrival of the Railway ( Killorglin to Valentia Harbour 1893) South West Kerry was then an impoverished and isolated region with little or

Many travellers passing through Glenbeigh along the Ring of Kerry will have noticed the ruins of the castle-like house on the outskirts of the village. Modern day view of the ruins of Wynne’s Castle This building, known by many names including Glenbeigh Castle, Winn or Wynn’s Castle and Wynne’s Folly,

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Glenbeigh Parish

GLENBEIGH PARISH Glenbeigh Civil Parish, Barony of Iveragh, Co Kerry. Located at 52.0562N and 9.9403W. It has an area of 61.5, 15196 acres , 23.7 sq. miles and 27 town lands. When you include Glencar there is a total of 51 town lands, 31000 acres and 48 sq. miles.

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Glenbeigh by the Sea

This ballad was written in 1965 by Killorglin born Chrissie Hawes who lived in Glenbeigh for a period of time. She operated a bed and breakfast on the Station Road and was also an enthusiastic member of the local ICA guild. The ballad was revived and put to music by

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The Glenbeigh Races

Puck Fair is over and now everyone in Mid Kerry is eagerly awaiting the Glenbeigh festival and races which run from the 23rd to the 25th of August 2019. The dates and times of the races are controlled by the tides on Rossbeigh beach. All races must be run between

The first All-Ireland football final was played in 1887 but, it took sixteen years for Kerry to win their first title in 1903. By then, Dublin had won eight finals and within forty years Kerry had surpassed them, and now hold a comfortable lead. For the first twenty years club