This week we have again been looking back into the archives of The Kerryman from a century ago, when the country was embroiled in the War of Independence against the British*. As it still does to this day, the paper carried small articles from many towns and villages in the county, including Glenbeigh. Below are the “Glenbeigh Notes” from the edition printed on July 31 1920, and a further small cutting from the same edition. Both articles appear to refer to the same or linked events.

You will see that military activities were to the fore this week. The first cutting has an account of the evacuation of the RIC barracks in Glencar after constables had been attacked. The longer article below describes attacks by the RIC and/or British military on the houses of known or suspected republican supporters. Houses were set alight and presumably the inhabitants rendered homeless. It is unclear from these two cuttings which came first, but it is highly likely that the events described are linked.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to review historic editions of The Kerryman from a century ago and will publish any items which we think may be of interest.

* The Irish Newspaper Archive ( contains a vast database of newspapers and journals. The Local History and Archives Department in Tralee Library, although closed at the moment due to the current health situation, also holds an extensive range of historic Kerry newspapers and journals, including The Kerryman, on microfilm.

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