This ballad was written in 1965 by Killorglin born Chrissie Hawes who lived in Glenbeigh for a period of time. She operated a bed and breakfast on the Station Road and was also an enthusiastic member of the local ICA guild. The ballad was revived and put to music by Tom O’ Sullivan, local writer and accomplished musician from Beaufort.

The music he cleverly chose to suit the song was The Green Fields of Rossbeigh, which we think was written by The Hanafin Brothers from Milltown. They were born in the late 1800’s and emigrated to America where they played Irish traditional music for the Irish diaspora and passed down the tradition. A monument in their honour can be seen in the square in Milltown, Co Kerry.

Glenbeigh by the Sea.

I’d like to tell you of a place
The like you’ve never seen.
Surrounded by the Curra Hills
With their forty shades of green.
Its golden sands and mountains grand
Are there for all to see
In this place in County Kerry
That’s called “Glenbeigh by the Sea

The people come and they stop
There taken by surprise
To think there is a place like this
Within the Emerald Isles
They look around and then they say
Of Heavens you have the key
In this place in County Kerry
That’s called “Glenbeigh by the Sea”

I take a walk down Rossbeigh Beach
And look at Dingle Bay
The waves so high they shatter shells
Their colours bright and gay
I see the faces of children
They laugh so merrily
In this place in County Kerry
That’s called “Glenbeigh by the Sea”

I’ve been to many, many lands
But this place I call home
I’ve seen New York and Paris
I’ve climbed the hills of Rome
But now I’m back I mean to stay
For all eternity
In this place in County Kerry
That’s called “Glenbeigh by the Sea”

Here’s another old Glenbeigh Ballad is:


It being the month of May, when fields were fresh and green
I was forced to leave my native home, my age being scarce eighteen.
And when I parted with dear, her loving tears were seen,
In troubled mind I left behind, My Blue-eyed Mountain Queen.

Farewell to Glenbeigh’s lofty hills and to those mountain stream
Where sun or moon right through the gloom pours forth it’s brilliant beam,
Her castle stands beneath hills, bound round with laurels green
But in America’s plan I’ll spend my days with My Blue-eyed Mountain Queen.

My father is a fisherman, he’s on the raging sea
My mother she through seven long years, sleeps beneath the clay,
My sister and my brother four, I regard them with esteem
But little they know I weep full sore for My Blue-eyed Mountain Queen.

God speed the ship across the deep that steers my love to me
The wind to fill her topsail wide to waft her o’er the sea
Her steel made bow has made a vow for to plough the waves between
And on her breast to bear the crest My Blue-eyed Mountain Queen

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